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Rumor: Polish retailer leaks SWTOR pre-order info [Updated]

Eliot Lefebvre

It's been a busy day for speculation recently, especially if you're a fan of the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic and happen to watch European retail sites closely. Most of the game's fans are aware that there will be some announcement made regarding the game once San Diego Comic-Con starts up on Thursday, but suspicions seem confirmed when Polish retailer released what looked to be pre-order information complete with box art for the game.

Needless to say, the actual entry for the order was quickly pulled from the page, but the box art image remains available, including mention of a pre-order "colour stone to change your weapon effect." Plausible? Considering how many fans are waiting with bated breath to get a release date on the game, it's certainly believable that a release or pre-order is among the orders of business at the convention. It might seem like a bit of a thin framework for fans to pin their hopes on... but even so, Star Wars: The Old Republic fans should keep their eyes open during SDCC to see if it turns out to be an accurate forecast of coming announcements.

[Thanks to all of the tipsters on this one!]

[Update]: G4TV has posted further details on what could be the TOR collector's edition. Though it looks pretty tasty, it will also reportedly set you back 150 Euros!

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