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The Queue: I've got TB on my mind


Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft.

I've found myself doing TB dailies again. I have no idea why I'm doing them again. But I am, dammit, and it's fun.

Next thing you know, I'm going to be doing the Skyguard stuff, too.

Levi-young asked:

I've always wondered if BoE's always have a chance to drop or if there's only so many that can drop per raid lockout. For example, let's say my guild clears all the trash in Firelands w/o dropping any bosses and then resets the instance to do it all again. Will BoE's keep dropping or will only so many drop for the lockout and then no matter how much trash is killed no more will drop?

Loot tables work such that when the mob spawns, its loot is determined. That loot is decided from a series of dice rolls inside the game's servers; that's why some items have a 1% chance to drop and others a 10% chance. Trash drop quality is considerably lower than the loot you find on bosses, but their loot table is still determined the same way.

A simpler way of looking at it is to say it's all random.

David asked:

is it just me or have the gargoyle death animations changed because ive noticed they've stood in midair after death

Not just you; I've noticed them dying in midair, as well.

Dril asked:

How old is Thrall now, and what was/is the age disparity between him and Grom/Garrosh?

I really like Audrey's answers, provided in the comments:

Let's see, he was 18 when he escaped Durnholde. He spent at least a year travelling and learning him some shamany stuff. Maybe more, since he had to earn respect the respect of the Frostwolf clan first.

After that, I'd say about half a year or so to campaign to free the offs and mill about a bit before hearing from Medivh.

So he'd be around 20ish when he went to Kalimdor. If it only took a year, from that point to the end of the events in the Frozen Throne, he would be 26 at the beginning of the World of Warcraft. (Since this was sat five years after TFT.)

A lot happened in vanilla. Using the same, very conservative estimation I've been using, let's say it was two years before the Draenei crashed, leading to the reopening of the Dark Portal. So, 28 at the start of BC.

The events of BC were supposed to have taken a year in lore. And a year after was when Arthas stirred. So he would have been 30 at the start of Wrath.

The battle in Northrend lasted roughly a year with the Shattering happening very soon after.

So Thrall would be 31-32 now.

I give Garrosh about a three-to-four year advantage. Thrall would have been very, very shortly at the end of the first war. (He still needed to be nursed after he was found and Orgrim still hadn't usurped the Shadow Council.)

Garrosh was too young to be aged artificially and was not later, AFAIK. This mean that he was an infant or toddler at the sacking of Shattrath, if he was alive then.

It had to have been about a year after that before the portal was opened. The land had to have a little bit of time to turn into Hellfire Peninsula and the building of the dark portal had taken some time after that.

So if Garrosh were two at the Shattrath slaughter, he would have been right around five at the end of the second war. Thrall would have been one or two at the same time.

If anyone could correct my figures, that would be fantastic.

Shaine asked:

Could the Emerald Dream be considered the elemental plane of Life, if Life is recognized as the fifth element?Could the Emerald Dream be considered the elemental plane of Life, if Life is recognized as the fifth element?

Mul ti pass?

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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