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EVE Is Real website presents visual record of EVE, hosts launch contests


Two weeks ago, EVE Online developer CCP Games announced a new advertising campaign with a twist. An external marketing company was hired to create a unique virtual museum of EVE artwork, screenshots and videos that would function as a growing visual record of what EVE means to its players. People interested in seeing what EVE is all about could then skim through the site and hopefully get a better impression of what it's like to be part of the EVE community. Players got a head-start in uploading content to the EVE Is Real website last week and we've been eagerly awaiting the website officially going live. Although no official announcement has been made, it appears that the EVE Is Real website has launched.

To encourage players to upload their work, the site's creators are running launch contests with some huge prizes. The top 20 images uploaded to the site will win their owners a brand new EVGA GeForce GTX 460 SE graphics card, and the video that gets the most votes will secure its creator an expensive Alienware gaming desktop machine. Submissions end on August the 18th, and the voting phase then takes place between August the 18th and September the 1st. If you've created some nice screenshots, an epic EVE video or even an awesome My Little Pony version of the latest EVE trailer, submit it before August the 18th for your chance to win.

In an interesting move, CCP will be rewarding every single EVE player with several thousand of its new microtransaction currency Aurum if the website takes off. A running total is maintained of the number of times images and videos on the site have been shared via Facebook and Twitter, and at certain share levels every single EVE player will be gifted a lump sum of Aurum.

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