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Irrational co-founder forms Blue Manchu, reveals Card Hunter


Irrational co-founder Jon Chey has formed a new studio, Blue Manchu, focused on more niche games. The studio's first project is Card Hunter, a microtransation-fueled, Flash-based browser game. It will initially launch on PCs, but is also planned for iOS.

"The best way to describe it is, imagine I take an MMO, and every time you fight a monster, instead of playing a timer game with with pull downs and buttons that you click, you're playing a turn-based strategy game," Chey explained to Gamasutra in an extensive interview. "You have little pieces on a board, and you play cards to move those pieces around, and that's the battle you fight."

Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield is contributing to the game's design. Chey says Blue Manchu, which is entirely self-funded, allows the opportunity to "make some games that probably wouldn't get made otherwise." Chey expects Card Hunter to be out sometime in the next six months.

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