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No comment: Faux Apple Stores in China


It seems several completely unauthorized "Apple Stores" have been spotted in Kunming, China by the author of the blog BirdAbroad. While Apple's Q3 earnings call mentioned the exploding Asian market, Apple's official Apple Stores are only found in Beijing and Shanghai -- stores opened with much ballyhoo and attention to detail. These stores look almost identical to real Apple Stores, with blue-shirted employees wearing badges with Apple logos, and a spiral staircase. But they are not real, with a few tell-tale signs: the badges have no names and the stores have the words "Apple Store" on the signage, not just the glowing Apple logo. One is even labeled "Apple Stoer" -- a typo seen more often on unofficial Apple blogs (not including ours!) than Apple's retail establishments.

Check out the post on BirdAbroad to see the pictures of the stores and the staff, and shake your head in disbelief.

[via ifoAppleStore]

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