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One Shots: Dead men don't fly


I thought I'd travel off the beaten path this week and see how Requiem: Memento Mori is doing. I couldn't find my old character, but I started a new one and took advantage of a months worth of premium time. I also think there's a bonus XP event going on right now.

This is my level 26 Battle Mage taking a trip from Zakate to South Watchtower on a Wingrider, the mode of transport between hubs.

I always enjoyed Requiem's graphics and the areas between Kurt and Zakate both feel open and diverse. It's like one giant zone, but with individual areas all styled differently.

All this week, we Massively writers are spotlighting some of our personal favorite One Shots. What exciting stories revolve around our screenshots? Stay tuned to find out. Next week, after staff picks week, will be free-for-all week for you, our readers. Send any eye-catching, beautiful, scary, or generally epic screenshot to, and we'll pick the best of the best for next week's One Shots!

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