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Grasshopper Manufacturing 'Lollipop Chainsaw' for PS3 and 360 [update]


Being a secondhand report of data out of an early leak of Japanese mag Famitsu, it's only right to approach the news of Grasshopper Manufacture's Lollipop Chainsaw for PS3 and Xbox 360 with skepticism.

The reports also describe it as a game about a cheerleader raised by zombie hunters, who uses her acrobatic training and a chainsaw to destroy zombies ... which certainly sounds like a Suda game. Additionally, the zombies will spray pink blood on the screen when destroyed, something that Siliconera says is meant to convey a "pop" feel.

According to Andriasang, Suda 51 is serving as creative director, with the very busy Akira Yamaoka working on sound. It's reportedly 70% complete, and will be published by Kadokawa Games.

Update: Famitsu has posted the first artwork and screenshots of the game, including the above screen.

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