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Beta test weekends are set for Star Wars: The Old Republic in September

Eliot Lefebvre

If you're one of the many eager players of Star Wars: The Old Republic jumping all over this morning's pre-order, there's more good news on the way. According to TOROcast, an investor report from Electronic Arts shows that the game will be opening up special "beta weekend" events for players to get a glimpse of the game starting in September. This looks like the perfect opportunity for players to start jumping in and playing in advance of the launch date (which presumably would not be until at least a little after September, naturally).

While the report doesn't say if these tests will be open or closed, they certainly bring to mind the beta weekends that RIFT popularized, with a limited number of players, but a great deal of freedom in access. Seeing as how these will be tests, however, it's unlikely that this will constitute the early access set forth in the pre-order bonuses -- so if you're looking forward to the game, ordering now is still advisable.

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