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Bill Atkinson part of the Google+ team (Updated: Apparently not)


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Update: The San Jose Mercury News got this one wrong and the info has been redacted in their original story. While Mr. Atkinson is a user, he's not a part of Google's team. Thanks to everyone who brought this to our attention and Mike Swift for the correction.

Bill Atkinson, the developer of HyperCard, MacPaint and a number of other goodies in the early days of the Mac OS, is now part of the Google+ team as Andy Hertzfeld reported to his Google+ profile a few days ago.

Atkinson's recent work includes PhotoCard for iOS, and he spoke about interface design at this year's Macworld. We don't know what Atkinson has contributed to Google+ thus far, unlike Hertzfeld whom we know contributed to the architecture of the new product.

[via San Jose Mercury News]

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