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Microsoft delivers Live integration for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devs

Zachary Lutz

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Can't seem to part from that Hotmail account you established back in '96? Good news, because Microsoft is providing app developers with the necessary tools to hook into your Windows Live account -- and it's bringing Messenger and SkyDrive along for the ride. Now, publishers of Windows Phone, iOS, and Android applications will be able to empower you, the end user, to access your contacts, photos, and other personal bits from your dominant smartphone of choice. According to Redmond, consumers should expect a seamless experience when signing in and granting application privileges, which will be required only once, as third-party apps will remain authorized for Live access until its privileges are specifically revoked. For developers, Microsoft is providing standardized sample code, and software can be registered with Microsoft by simply providing the name and language of the app. It's an unholy matrimony for sure, but we'll gladly crash the reception.

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