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NBA 2K12 hits the hardwood on October 4, taps Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird for the cover


The inclusion of Jordan in NBA 2K11 was a big deal, so 2K Sports is bringing him back. Jumpman 23 will grace the cover of NBA 2K12 in a stylized piece of art, created by Adam Larson of Adam&Co.

If you're looking for a little variety when it comes to basketball players on your game shelf, two additional SKUs featuring Larry Bird and Magic Johnson will be available in a limited quantity at launch on October 4. Regardless of which case you choose, you'll find the same game on the disc within.

Feel free to dip your toes into our gallery below for higher-resolution versions of the cover artwork, especially if you're way into swirling smoke and lightning bolts.

Gallery: NBA 2K12 | 4 Photos

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