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New Mac mini gets iFixit teardown treatment, leaves space for 2nd hard drive

Billy Steele

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What do you do the day after an arsenal of new Apple products are announced? Why, take them apart as soon as you can get your hands on them, of course! Wouldn't ya know it, iFixit is at it again -- this time, tearing down the new Mac mini. At first glance, the only noticeable difference is the inclusion of the powerful Thunderbolt port. Once under the hood, though, a second hard drive port was spotted, along with just enough space for a second storage device. Perhaps the only thing standing the way of a dual HDD welding compact desktop is your ability to secure another SATA cable. If you want to give it a shot, the updated mini scored a solid eight out of ten in the repairability category as the machine had no proprietary screws or glue. Moreover, easy access makes a DIY RAM upgrade a piece of cake, especially when you're already in there adding that extra disk. So if you're looking to get your teardown feet wet, swan dive right in.

Update: Sure, you can get dual HDDs straight from the Apple store, but you'll pay dearly for it. As in, the base Mac mini will run you $1550 -- and that's for the only option: a 750 GB ATA and a 256 GB SSD. The other option is to splurge for the Lion Server model, where dual 500 GB or dual 750 GB options are available. Still, going this route will set you back at least $1000. Since these bad boys are so easy to work on, you'd put far less strain on your wallet by going the DIY route.

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