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One Shots: All together now

Patrick Mackey

Although I've migrated on to different superhero pastures, City of Villains holds many of my fondest memories, including today's episode of One Shots. The strangest thing about this particular screen is that I am not in the screenshot at all; instead, this almost looks like promotional art for the game's mystic villain group, the Circle of Thorns.

Instead, what actually transpired is that I fell into a cave room with my brute, and made a magnificent faceplant against this formidable group. While it's probably failure on my part that I died here, the good news is that my camera was obstructed in just the right way to allow me to take this screenshot.

All this week, we Massively writers are spotlighting some of our personal favorite One Shots. What exciting stories revolve around our screenshots? Stay tuned to find out. Next week, after staff picks week, will be free-for-all week for you, our readers. Send any eye-catching, beautiful, scary, or generally epic screenshot to, and we'll pick the best of the best for next week's One Shots!

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