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Australia to introduce R18+ rating in next few months (if all goes well)


Australia may finally have an R18+ classification for video games by year's end - if some last-minute politics don't derail proceedings. Gamespot reports that the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General have agreed to an adult rating, equivalent to the ESRB's "M" in the United States and "PEGI 18" of Europe, which would allow games deemed unsuitable for those 15 and younger to be sold in the region.

The snag in the current proceedings is that New South Wales Attorney-General Greg Smith abstained from the vote (the other eight territories agreed to move forward with an R18+ classification), delaying the process. Changing the National Classification Code requires the unanimous agreement of the nine censorship ministers. Smith said he would have a decision soon.

If all the Attorneys-General end up agreeing, Federal Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O'Connor can begin drafting the legislation necessary for an R18+ rating for games. We hope it works out, because the new Mortal Kombat (effectively banned in Australia) is pretty awesome.

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