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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record puts West in Greene's jacket, offers preorder DLC


We recall fondly last year's Dead Rising 2 panel, learning new information about weapons, plot and a Zombrex webseries, and it seems this year Capcom didn't want to mess with success. The Capcom panel revealed little new information about any of its titles, except for one game, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, an enhanced version of 2010's zombie sequel.

Pre-ordering Off the Record from Gamestop will give you cosplay clothing pack DLC, and anyone who played Dead Rising 2 can get Chuck Greene's jacket for Frank West to wear. Because the one thing we want when we're playing the revamp of a sequel whose second protagonist has been replaced by the original, is to see the original wearing the second's jacket. Finally, someone understands us.

Capcom also confirmed it is teaming up with IDW Publishing to release a graphic novel, Dead Rising: Road to Fortune, this October. Off the Record is scheduled to drop October 11, so that might be a good time for the comic to release too. Just sayin'.

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