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Nintendo Video launches with Dinosaur Office and more, OK Go coming next week


After faking us out yesterday with a "coming soon" icon, Nintendo snuck its 3DS Nintendo Video service out late last night in North America. The initial video offerings include a "Nintendo Video Is" ad, a Captain America trailer, Dinosaur Office, and a short film called Sunday Jog.

Next week, on July 27, a new OK Go video will be released and Nintendo will post the 3D version on the service -- it'll be the second OK Go clip to be released as a 3DS video. Other content teased by Nintendo includes "exclusive 3D videos from Jason DeRulo, Foster the People, CollegeHumor and the world-renowned Blue Man Group, plus extreme sports and action videos, animation from various independent studios and 3D trailers for upcoming Hollywood movies."

Of course Nintendo will be removing old content when new content is released, so if you have any interest in seeing the initial offerings, check them out soon.

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