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RIFT founders receive free game client for friends

Jef Reahard

RIFT founders, check your emails. Trion Worlds has sent out a new offer tied to its Ascend-a-Friend promotion. The program is geared toward early (and multi-month) adopters and their RIFT-less buddies, and aims to bring people together in the world of Telara for hours of adventure and progression.

The founder email features a code that grants your friend a free copy of the game client, and as long as your pal signs up under the Ascend-a-Friend program, he'll count towards your reward total. If you manage to convert three friends, you'll receive an Ember Steed which matches the speed of your fastest mount, and probably looks a lot nicer to boot.

Your friend isn't left out in the cold, of course. In addition to a free copy of RIFT, Ascend-a-Friend participants will get a unique in-game title ("The Chosen") as well as the ability to summon (or be summoned) to their referring buddy once every half hour.

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