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TiVo Premiere 14.8b patch stops (apparently glitchy) Premiere-to-Premiere streaming


We never got official word on Premiere-to-Premiere streaming being enabled after the last update from TiVo, but now it appears the company is nixing the feature, for now. According to TiVo Community poster eddieb187, one of his boxes downloaded the new 14.8b software update overnight and can no longer stream recordings from his other box. After a call to customer service confirmed the change, claiming unspecified issues with the feature, he checked his other box which has not yet updated and is still able to stream. If a little bit of multiroom action is all that's keeping your two TiVo Premiere household running you might want to avoid any updates if possible until we find out when it's coming back.

[Thanks, @BrennokBob]

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