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    TUAW'S Daily iPad App:

    Save is an online learning library filled with instructional videos for computer users. It's geared primarily for developers and designers, but it does have a growing library of content for introductory computer users. Most people access the content through the website, but those with an iPad have the pleasure of browsing, watching and learning on their favorite tablet.

    The iPad app mimics the website by letting you browse or search for instructional video courses. Once you find a course of interest, you can view a table of contents which lists all the videos associated with that course. Most videos are less than 10 minutes long and grouped together in topics. Each topic would be equal to a chapter in a book. All the videos can be watched easily on your iPad in portrait or landscape view.

    When you watch the videos, they count towards your completion of a course. As you would expect, the app ties into your online account so any video you watch on your tablet will show up as watched when you log in using your browser. The iPad app also lets you view your account details so you can see how many courses you have completed, which videos you have watched, and what training certificates you have earned.

    The iPad app is not meant to replace the website, but it is a nice companion for when you have some spare time and don't want to lug around your laptop. The iPad app is available for free, but requires a monthly or yearly subscription to fully use the resources of this online learning library.

    If you just want to check it out, you can download the iPad app and browse select content for free. There's also an iPhone version as well.

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