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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Blobster


I got to see Blobster in action earlier this year at both GDC and E3, and both times it impressed me with its wacky premise and followthrough. It's a platformer, but unlike any you've ever played before. Instead of jumping around, you're instead flinging a little blob of goo around, pushing him through various obstacles, and making him heavier or lighter by combining or removing mass to and from him. There's a number of powerups to find across the game's 40 different levels, and lots of other twists and turns to explore as well.

Blobster is a really fun title with some nice innovation, and some really solid platforming action depicted in a way I haven't really seen before. Chillingo's got it priced at a steal right now, just US 99 cents for the iPhone version, and $1.99 for Blobster HD on the iPad. I've been watching for this one since earlier this year, so now that it's finally out, make sure to give it a look yourself.

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