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WoW Moviewatch: Battle of the Blues


Myndflame has created a fun, unique idea for getting official Blizzard posts out to the community. In Myndflame's new series, the "insane voice actor" reads blue posts out loud. It's a pretty great idea, in my opinion, since it brings a level of entertainment to what can sometimes be rather dry information.

The idea has really caught on, and even the community managers have gotten in on the fun. The result is that Myndflame took the recent Battle of the Blues and turned the banter into its own video.

This performance blew me away. It was hilarious. I've not laughed so hard at forum interaction since the last ret paladin nerf. The video isn't long; take the time to check it out and enjoy the fun. For the record, that is exactly the way I've always imagined Neth and Zarhym speaking.

Make sure to keep checking out Myndflame for future installments. It's definitely worth your time.
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