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ArcheAge novel penned by popular Korean fantasy author

Jef Reahard

MMO novelizations are pretty common nowadays, what with everything from EVE Online to Guild Wars represented in extra-game lore-centric endeavors. ArcheAge is looking to join the hit parade with its first tie-in novel, a fantasy romp called The Fir and the Hawk that fleshes out the upcoming sandpark's extensive backstory.

When we say extensive, we really mean extensive, as the book chronicles ArcheAge history some 2,000 years prior to the game's timeline. The novel is the work of popular Korean fantasy author Min-Hee Jeon, and fansite ArcheAge Online calls it "ArcheAge's first official tome of lore."

The Fir and the Hawk isn't yet available in the States, but Korean-language fans can pre-order it via the Aladin service.

[Thanks to Mark for the tip!]

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