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Thrall's return to the Horde and more lore from San Diego Comic-Con


Blizzard's Chris Metzen was at the San Diego Comic-Con showing off new WoW, StarCraft, and Diablo merchandise with a panel of Blizzard writers and merchandise partners. After the discussion about merchandise, the future of Blizzard licensed products, and the new comics, the floor was opened up to questions and answers about anything, lore included. Fans took this time to ask Metzen all about the new direction Blizzard is taking Thrall, including whether the Horde will remain the same after Cataclysm.

Metzen might have spilled the beans on what we can expect from BlizzCon this year, including some big revelations about the Horde and Thrall's place in it. Around the 51-minute mark of the panel, Metzen muses about how awesome it has been, growing the Warcraft story from its simple beginnings as an RTS and getting to flesh out the world. At one point, Metzen says, "One day, come on, your Warchief is coming back. Right? There's more with Thrall," and emphatically mentions BlizzCon, indicating Blizzard has much to announce on the subject.

Not only that, but Metzen responded to what many people consider a Blizzard bias toward the Horde with the announcement that the next big book in the Warcraft universe will be written by Christie Golden and focus on Jaina Proudmoore. Wolfheart, the next novel by Richard A. Knaak, is also going to focus heavily on the Alliance, according to Metzen. After listening to Metzen's emphatic discussion of the upcoming novel, it appears that it will forever alter Jaina in earth-shattering ways. Metzen even calls it "badass."

Check out the GameSpot video of the Blizzard SDCC 2011 WoW, StarCraft, and Diablo Swag Show panel for the entire, hour-long discussion. The meaty lore bits start about halfway in. Metzen loves Thrall, and his utter adoration of the character and his story just seeps through every word he utters. We may dance around with the Mary Sue comments, but I think it's pretty cool that he loves his character so much.

Now, what will that mean for Garrosh, baddest dude on Kalimdor? Saurfang's old position? Voluntarily leaving politics because politics are awful, and just wanting to run around bashing in people's faces? I bet we'll know by BlizzCon.

Check out the GameSpot SDCC panel video over at BlizzPlanet.

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