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Fan Faire videos show off new EverQuest II tradeskill goodies

Jef Reahard

Sony Online Entertainment's Fan Faire came and went a couple of weeks ago, but EverQuest II news coming out of the annual convention was so dense that various fan sites are still collating and publishing it.

EQ2Wire released its latest dev panel videos over the weekend, with a focus on tradeskills and housing as well as a lengthy question-and-answer session. The tradeskill and housing panel introduced a couple of upcoming prestige homes, the house rating system scheduled to go live with GU61, tradeskill apprentices, and a new Frostfell group crafting instance.

The Q&A panel covered a huge range of topics, and rather than try and summarize them all here, we'll direct you to the transcript at EQ2Wire as well as the videos embedded after the cut.

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