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Snail Mail My Email outsources your emotions to foreign hands


We bet the Britney Spears' classic Email My Heart would take great offense (and potential intellectual property beef) to Ivan Cash's startup, Snail Mail My Email. The 25-year old entrepreneur and lover of the quaint, soon-to-be anachronistic form of communication quit his advertising day job in favor of an out-of-pocket, handwritten transcription service. That's right, Cash and his global network of volunteers painstakingly re-create your digital salvos with the flourish of awkward and potentially illegible penmanship for free. Before you rush to overwhelm his servers with epic, misspelled ravings, pay close attention to that 100 word limit -- do-gooders' hands get tired, ya know. It's a quirky approach to letting that special someone know you care, and a great way to say, "I hope while you're reading this you're no longer drooling or pooping in your pants." (Their words, we swear!)

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