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Fallen Earth subscriber appreciation gifts detailed

Jef Reahard

If you're a Fallen Earth subscriber, you're about to get a few thank you gifts from Icarus and GamersFirst. A new blurb on the post-apocalyptic MMORPG's website outlines the goodies in store for loyal wastelanders that stay subbed from August through October.

Fancy white boots, hats, and jackets are the order of the day, so if you've ever had the urge to dress your clone like a pimp or an extra from the Matrix, now's the time. The devs are giving away some pretty cool pets as well, and you'll take home a skin dog, a chupacabra, and an old creeper if you stay subbed for all three months.

Subscribers "won't have to buy these or do anything out of the ordinary to get them; they will gravitate towards you like mosquitoes to freshly exposed skin," says the Fallen Earth website. It's also worth noting that these gifts are not part of the veteran rewards system which Icarus says will be taking effect when the free-to-play transition is complete.

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