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Free Realms producer letter talks new farming content

Jef Reahard

Free Realms has a new producer, and Sony Online Entertainment's Harvey "Flametalon" Burgess recently dropped by the game's official website to pen a brief letter to fans. SOE has updated the game's farming system, and in addition to a new locale (Briarwood Farm), players will find new seeds to grow, a boom box "to make your plants dance," new farming items, and new quests and recipes specific to Briarwood.

Burgess also drops a hint about future Free Realms updates (including ranching), and promises a quick turnaround on June, July, and August membership packs.

The producer assignment marks Burgess' second go-round with Free Realms, as he also served as a designer on the title at an earlier point in his 10-year SOE career.

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