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No More Heroes social game will be appropriately bloody


Suda 51's contribution to DeNA's "Super Creators Initiative" is a social No More Heroes game. And, being a No More Heroes game, it'll be about people assassinating one another. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise, then, that Suda 51 told attendees at a press conference, "We're aiming to make it the social game with the most blood."

We suppose it could be a surprise, given that the original Japanese and European releases of No More Heroes were bloodless, subsituting a shower of coins. So by being even a little bloody, the new social game is bloodier than the real game in Japan.

Suda also expressed a desire to give this game enough "power" and "impact" to make it outside of Japan, a lofty goal for a Japanese mobile game. That was a goal that the three previous mobile NMH games, released by Marvelous in 2008, couldn't achieve.

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