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WoW Moviewatch: Total Escapism vol. 5


We got our first look at the trailer for Total Escapism vol. 5 last week. Good as his word, Baron Soosdon has now made that full movie available on YouTube in the United States. This is the last movie in his Total Escapism series. The Baron will still be around creating machinima, but he felt it was time to close the chapter on this particular series.

Total Escapism vol. 5 is a gorgeous 15-minute romp through the world of Azeroth. You not only get to see some astounding views of places and landmarks in the World of Warcraft, but you'll see some high-quality footage of characters casting spells and living in the game.

Really, though, talking about the subject material of this video does it a disservice. The point isn't the literal narration of what's happening on the screen; instead, the point is to watch the beautiful animation and astounding graphics. It's an experience more than a story, and it's one the Baron has executed marvelously.
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