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ESPN 2.0 on Xbox Live features improved guide, stats feed and more

The ESPN application on Xbox Live offered some interesting functionality to sports fans, though perhaps not enough to make it a viable competitor for their standard cable fare. ESPN 2.0, a massive renovation of the platform scheduled to launch August 25 (just in time for college football), will be a much more worthy contender.

recently previewed the updated software, revealing a number of its new, tantalizing features, such as the ability to watch two games on ESPN 3 at once, and a live score feed on the side of the UI.

The highlight feature is the new Guide, a carousel of thumbnails showing currently streaming programs, each of which include stats, scores and information about each game. Check out a video demonstration of the software on Gizmodo, and join us in wishing for a future where every sport is simulcast conveniently on our gaming consoles. (We've just got to get our Jai-alai fix.)

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