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Humble Indie Bundle 3 rakes in $500K in 17 hours

At what point does the Humble Indie Bundle become so successful that it can officially stop being so darn humble? We're not sure if there's a set limit, but we think that the recently launched third edition of the indie game compilation has cleared the bar: In its first 17 hours of availability, Humble Indie Bundle 3 has been downloaded over 105,000 times, pulling in more than $500,000 for the five games included therein.

Keep in mind, these impressive figures were accumulated in less than a day -- we can't wait to see how much cheddar these worthy titles (alongside Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation) can nab during their full two-week run. Of course, first, we're going to have to find out the latest dollar-to-cheddar currency exchange rates. We're pretty sure it's $3.09 per brick, but that ratio might be a tad outdated.

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