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LG turns it around, reports profits back in the green

Sharif Sakr

After six months of knuckle-crunching losses, LG can finally wind the window down and turn the radio on to Seoul FM. The electronics giant just reported a net profit of ₩108 billion ($100 million) in the last quarter, primarily thanks to sales of LED and Cinema 3D TVs. Its handset subsidiary, which has been pushing into the Android high end with devices like the Optimus 2X, is still bleeding cash -- but losses were halved compared to last quarter, so perhaps the wound is finally scabbing over. Meanwhile, the LG Home Appliance Company posted "record-high" sales, but it'll have to Thinq even harder in future because profits were held back by higher material costs, currency fluctuations and greater competition. Definitely too soon for cruise control.

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