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Riccitiello details EA's three-point plan: IP, Platform, Talent


During an investor conference call yesterday, EA CEO John Riccitiello formalized the company's three-point plan for the forseeable future. For fiscal 2012 and beyond, the three pillars of EA's business growth are IP: "building roughly twelve franchises into year-round businesses across a range of platforms, packaged goods, and digital," Platform, "building a solid ecosystem for leveraging our content and services, focusing on our own platform, Origin, while supporting our retail partners," and, finally, Talent: "investing in our creative and engineering talent to drive and maintain our IP across multiple platforms from console to social and PC to mobile."

The "IP" central to EA's strategy includes, of course, things like Madden, Battlefield, The Sims, and FIFA. "Platform" is easily summarized as "Origin." As for "Talent," that includes high-profile acquisitions like PopCap as well as growth in existing EA studios -- like the Austin expansion EA just announced.

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