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Asda 2's first content update goes live

Save announced today that its free-to-play MMORPG Asda 2 has received its first content update. The Flammio Update (where do they get these names?) brings "three new maps, the introduction of the coveted pet system, a new player versus player tier to challenge and new items and equipment for both PVE and PVP competitors."

Also, for high level players, the update is adding the Infernos continent, which brings with it three new maps for players to explore, a wealth of new quests, and myriad new items. And those hundreds of new quests are going to come in handy, considering that the level cap has been raised from level 50 to level 55. Players can also get their hands on an adorable new pet which grows as it levels. Lastly, a new PvP Faction War tier has been added to coincide with the raised level cap, and players can now use their honor point at the Honor Shop in order to spruce themselves up with spiffy new equipment with which to better faceroll their enemies.

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