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Rusty Hearts closed beta goes live; new trailer and screenshots released


Perfect World Entertainment has announced that the Rusty Hearts closed beta has launched to overwhelming response. The fast-paced hack'n'slash MMO's servers reached maximum capacity within hours of the launch, forcing PWE to scale them up in order to accommodate the torrents of new players. Players outside of the United States will also be pleased to know that the IP ban previously instated has been lifted, allowing everyone to get on the cel-shaded fun.

During the beta, players are given the choice of one of three characters and given free reign over the game's content up to level 10 20. It's not all fun and games, though, folks. PWE takes a moment to remind us that they will take player feedback from the beta test into serious consideration to ensure that, come launch, Rusty Hearts is the best that it can be. To round all of this out, we have a new set of screenshots and a new trailer to share with all of you, so click through the gallery below and jump on past the cut for all of the Rusty Hearts goodness.

[Update: You can play up to level 20, not just 10 - Ed.]

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