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Riccitiello: Focusing on 3D makes for 'poor returns'


Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has plenty to worry about at present, but a future full of 3D displays isn't one of them. VentureBeat reports that at EA's recent shareholder meeting, the executive responded to an inquiry about stereoscopic 3D games by saying, "We have not seen a big uptake for 3D gaming. We have not seen a big uptake in 3D TVs in the home. We are not here trying to drive a market. We are here to react to what consumers want."

And consumers don't appear to be demanding the tech -- evidenced by Nintendo's financial report yesterday, accompanied by an announcement of a significant price reduction of its 3D handheld.

Riccitiello said EA will continue focusing on mobile, social and online. Those are markets where they are seeing "really high returns," compared to the "very poor returns focusing on 3D."

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