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Perpetuum dev blog talks intrusion revamp

Jef Reahard

Avatar Creations has updated its Perpetuum dev blog, and the latest entry is quite a long read (and also of interest to players concerned about the game's intrusion and outpost conquest systems). As it currently stands, base attack and defense in Perpetuum is a pretty random affair. "One's ability to hold an outpost is largely luck, combined with the number of players one can bring to bear in a specific time zone," Avatar admits.

The blog entry sums up the tentative path forward, and a future intrusion revamp will be deployed "rather than build[ing] upon a broken mechanic and creat[ing] more issues." What will the revamp entail? For starters, outpost ownership will cease to be about raid-and-retreat gameplay and instead will be focused on players who actually live on a particular island for the long term. Avatar is confident its new system will encourage PvP while simultaneously preventing instances where players wake up and are unable to access their assets.

While there's no date for the intrusion revamp as of yet, there is quite a bit of mechanical info to be read on the official Perpetuum dev blog (and don't forget to leave your feedback in the comments and on the forums after you've checked out the details).

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