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The Daily Grind: What half-developed content intrigues you the most?

Eliot Lefebvre

A live MMO is like an old building, expanded and built upon time and again. And just like a large enough building, there are rooms that get built over and sealed off. Except they're not rooms, they're abandoned pieces of content and storylines and mechanics that never got expanded upon. Things like the Karazhan Crypt in World of Warcraft hint at elaborate pieces of content that never quite made it to release, with only the barest elements remaining in place for players to wonder about.

Sometimes you don't get a full map, of course, just a few datamined points or a spell that looks like part of a larger series of spells that never came to pass. Whether or not you're happy with the game as a whole, the idea of these islands of abandoned content can be alluring, suggesting a pattern of development that almost went into production but not quite. So what's your favorite piece of content that clearly got dropped off partway through? Where do you find a hint of what might have been that ultimately didn't come to pass?

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