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'Battlefield 3: The Russian' is a book based on Battlefield 3, has Russians


British SAS soldier-turned-novelist Andy McNab has a storied history. Beyond his years serving in the British military, he's written a variety of books and he apparently "lectures to security and intelligences agencies in both the USA and UK." As of this week, he officially has one more title to add to the pile: Battlefield consultant. In that role he's also penning the book, as Amazon revealed earlier this month.

A press release today from EA officially detailed the upcoming not-a-video-game, which noted that McNab won't be writing it alone, as co-author Peter Grimsdale will be assisting in the call of duty. McNab will be heading up consulting duties by himself, of course.

Billed as a pseudo-prequel to the events of BF3, "The Russian" follows ... Russian special forces soldier Dmitri "Dima" Mayakovsky and apparently explains his "back-story." Confusingly, the release also notes that "the book picks up where the game leaves off, allowing McNab and Grimsdale to give a thrilling new perspective into Dima's own personal quest as well as the events of Battlefield 3." If you're a "personal quest" kinda person, then perhaps this strange piece of cross-marketing will be for you when it arrives alongside the game in October.

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