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Cabela's Hunt: Shadows of Katmai is still a hunting game, even if it sounds like an RPG


Survival: Shadows of Katmai. Just give that title, discovered in web registrations back in June, a second to conjure up an image. Let it open your mind to the possibility. Take a trip through your imagination and settle your thoughts.

Now, add "Cabela's" to the front of the game's title.

Snapped that image like a finger with frostbite! Yes, the game with the very RPG-like name is just the latest Cabela's hunting game. Set in the area around Alaska's Mount Katmai, players take the role of Logan James (because "Jager Gunnerson McWhitey" was already trademarked) who survives a plane crash and now must survive rampaging caribou and varmints of unusual sizes. The game will be available November 1, 2011, for all the major consoles. Also, why is Logan being hunted by the Gmork? See, there we go again, imagining a game out of nothing.

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