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Nokia 500 'Fate' destined for Q3, 1GHz processor and Symbian Anna onboard

Brad Molen

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If you're a loyalist that hasn't given up hope on Symbian yet, behold the latest attempt to keep the OS alive and kicking. The Nokia 500 is the first handset to usher in Espoo's new numbering system and has a bit of firepower behind it: a 1GHz ARM11 CPU, 256MB RAM, and Anna are running the show on a 3.2-inch, 640 x 360 "nHD" display. It'll also sport a five megapixel camera and offer HSPA speeds of 14.4Mbps down / 5.8 Mbps up using a pentaband 3G radio. Respectable components for a device billed to be a "low-cost, full-function smartphone." Still intrigued? The black version will ship out sometime in Q3, with its white counterpart to follow in Q4. If you need to have more choices to select from the rainbow, several colorful battery covers will be sold later this year -- something you'll need to be aware of when accessorizing your latest Back to School shopping spree. More hands-on pics are available at Hungarian site Technet, and an official vid can be found after the break.

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