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Sony Ericsson's tiny Xperia Mini and Mini Pro on sale now in Taiwan and Hong Kong


They've been announced, manhandled (by us and the FCC), and now they're finally on sale... in Taiwan and Hong Kong. That's right, some of the first folks to put Sony Ericsson's latest Android phones in their pockets will be the citizens around HTC's very own turf. According to VR-Zone and our brethren over at Engadget Chinese, both the Xperia Mini and Xperia Mini Pro are on shelves now for NT$7990 / HK$2,098 (about US$270) and NT$8990 (US$310) / HK$2,198 (US$280) respectively. It probably won't be much longer now till these pair of itty-bitty, 3-inch Gingerbread phones hit the states but, if you're impatient, those two cities are only about a 13-hour flight away.

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