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WoW Moviewatch: Goodnight Orgrimmar


Goodnight Moon is a classic kid's book. Even if you've not read the book yourself, you've probably still heard of it. Essentially, the narrator wishes everyone in the world goodnight as he lulls your child to sleep.

Wowcrendor was inspired by this classic book to create Goodnight Orgrimmar. In this short, beautiful little video, Wowcrendor manages to touch on all the little things that make a capital city feel bustling and alive. Voiced by Worgen Freeman, Goodnight Orgrimmar is a wonderful send-off to the Horde city.

I'm clearly a fan of Wowcrendor and his work, but I think Goodnight Orgrimmar might be among the best yet. He manages to capture so many experiences and subtleties about the game while still giving it his trademark affection. My hat's off to Wowcrendor and guest star Jesse Cox for a smart, incredible little homage to the game.

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