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iPhone dominating GoGo's in-flight Web traffic


Apple is king of the skies, Gogo tells AllThingsD, with iPhones dominating mobile devices using the company's Inflight Internet service. iPhones and iPod touches make up the bulk of mobile devices accessing the Internet from 10,000 feet, while Android trails at 12 percent and Blackberry is even further behind at 6 percent.

On the flip side, though, 41 percent of computers accessing Gogo's Internet are Windows-operated while just 20 percent are Macs running OS X. iPads, which are counted among laptops, make up more than a third of the computers accessing Gogo.

What Gogo doesn't tell AllThingsD is if more mobile devices access its network than laptops. Mobile devices only are charged US$7.95 for Gogo connectivity during a flight more than 90 minutes long, while laptops and iPads must fork over $12.95 for a flight longer than three hours (a full price list can be found on Gogo's site).

If you want to try using your iPhone on a Gogo-equipped flight, check out our review of the Gogo Inflight app. Just remember to keep the phone in Airplane Mode to kill the cell signal, then turn just the Wi-Fi back on.

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