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Who should I follow? Engadget editors on Twitter

Darren Murph

Twitter's a rad place to hang and scope out the latest debt ceiling debate or find out what's up with Tiger's ongoing caddy search, but sometimes you just need another place to totally nerd out, you know? A safe haven for rampant geekery -- that's what we strive to make our personal Twitter stream -- and we're here to help you with that.

It's been awhile since we've updated this here list, so we figured... there's no time like the present. Have a gander below at the Engadget editors toiling hard behind the scenes, and feel free to add 'em if you so desire.

Engadget @engadget
Engadget Mobile @engadgetmobile
Engadget HD @engadgethd
Engadget Spanish @es_engadget
Engadget Germany @de_engadget
Engadget Japan @engadgetjp
Engadget Chinese @engadgetchinese

Tim Stevens @Tim_Stevens
Darren Murph @darrenmurph
Donald Melanson @donmelanson
Christopher Trout @Mr_Trout
Richard Lai @richardlai
Sean Cooper @sean_cooper
Kevin Wong @KevinMWong
Ben Drawbaugh @bjdraw
Brian Heater @bheater
Zach Honig @ZachHonig
Michael Gorman @Numeson
Joe Pollicino @akaTRENT
Sean Buckley @seannicus
Joseph Volpe @jrvolpe
Terrence O'Brien @terrenceobrien
Amar Toor @amartoo
Sharif Sakr @shotsheriff
Myriam Joire @tnkgrl
Zachary Lutz @zacharylutz
Brad Molen @phonewisdom
Richard Lawler @rjcc
Dana Wollman @danawollman
Jesse Hicks @jhicks23
Dante Cesa @dantecesa
Billy Steele @wmsteele
Daniel Cooper @danielwcooper
Lydia Leavitt @lydialeavitt

Jon Turi (Intern / all-around know-it-all) @jonturi
Ross Rubin (Senior columnist) @rossrubin
Joshua Fruhlinger (Editorial Director) @fruhlinger

And of course, don't forget, you can always befriend us on Facebook. We like that, too.

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