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Champions Online rolls out the next phase of Hideouts

Eliot Lefebvre

Superheroes need their personal stomping grounds. That's why the development team behind Champions Online gave us hideouts for our heroes, and why the system is being expanded by another step. The phase three hideouts are now available, representing another evolution in the options available to heroes with the Basement and Moon hideout tracks. This newest upgrade unlocks the Hi-Tech Basement and the 60's Retro Moon lairs for heroes to customize and enjoy.

Of course, all of these new options do come at a price -- specifically, they come at a price of around 500 points in the C-store, including for subscribers and lifetime members. As a result, the newest pair of hideouts may not be for the penny-conscious hero on the run. For those of you who feel like splurging a little and living in style, however, the new hideouts should provide the perfect place to relax and enjoy the superheroic life from behind the scenes.

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