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Elsword announces new Raven character

Jef Reahard

Aside from having one of the cooler names in the MMO space, Elsword Online also has some pretty interesting characters. The manga-flavored brawler added a new face to that roster in today's update, and the dark and deadly Raven joins Rena, Aisha, and the titular Elsword as playable characters ready to adventure their way through Kill3rCombo's side-scrolling opus.

Raven is a human fighter with giant metal claws and considerable skill with a variety of blades, and he brings a "quiet, cold, and distant" vibe to the game's brightly colored canvas. In terms of gameplay, Raven is a fast melee attacking class, and he possesses the ability to dual wield, easily chain combos, and fire off heavy attacks without consuming much MP. He also boasts great evasive skills, and you can learn more about him -- as well as download the game -- on the official Elsword website.

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