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One Shots: Lady in red

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Character clothing is an extremely popular version of player-created content. There are seemingly endless choices in a many games, and some strategic dye application can make your look truly unique. Massively reader and LotRO fan Carolina has been having some fun outfitting her Hobbit lately:
One of my favorite player created kinds of content are outfits. I always find a different one from a passer by or while walking around Bree in Lord of the Rings Online, or during festivals in Everquest II Extended. There are even multiple blogs dedicated to putting together player outfits. So here is one of my creations. This is Dahliara, my hobbit minstrel in her red scandalous outfit.
Now it's your turn to show off your items. This week's theme is Some Assembly Required -- a little nod to the newest addition to our column lineup. Some Assembly Required covers player-created content, so we want to see the best of what you've created.

We're preparing for next week's theme too: Pop culture in MMOs. Developers sneak references in all over games, whether it be via NPCs, quests, or items, and we want to see your favorites. Grab a screenshot, tell us a bit about what it is, and send it to We'll be featuring the best of these next week.

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