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'Texatron' initiative bringing indie arcade games to Austin


The Winnitron arcade machine concept -- that of an arcade machine loaded up with exclusive indie games -- is migrating south. The Austin, TX-based Juegos Rancheros collective announced plans to bring the concept to Austin as the Texatron. Rather than a single machine, the long-term plans involve " a series of arcade cabinets set up around our own fair city showcasing the best indie games from around town and around the world."

But that's in the future. This weekend, the Texatron concept will be introduced at JR's monthly meetup, featuring Winnitron co-founder Alec Holowka and some of the Winnitron's games, including Nidhogg and two-player versions of Super Crate Box and Canabalt. The event starts at 4PM on Sunday, August 7, at the Highball. Go if you want to play games and meet people who also wanted to go play games.

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