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Ubisoft vs. BNP in Post-it art grudge match


Two competitors enter, no one leaves. That's because this particular battle takes place inside the windows of two adjacent buildings in Paris. A user on the Gamoover forum has photographed the ongoing, unstated Post-it art contest between Ubisoft Montreuil and the bank BNP.

Over the course of a few months, the occupants of the two buildings continued to one-up each other with pixelart tableaus, including Space Invaders, taunting Pong scenes, Marios, Galaga ships, and a Rabbid. The crowning achievement in this battle of work evasion, in our opinion, is the pixelated Blanka vs. Ken scene, above.

We like to imagine enthusiastic meetings in the Post-it office about the sudden Post-it bubble economy that this competition started.

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